Success stories


“Invest in the life you have to get the life you want”.

                                                            – Rhonda Britten

We founded MCSF in 2008 with a big vision and a lot of willingness to make this world a better place for people living under poor conditions in rural areas and city suburbs. Following are some of the success we have already achieved:

  • We have improved the standards of living and impacted vocational skills into women and youth,
  •  We have strengthened child protection and structural mechanism, bringing closer social services to the society, providing information to people living with HIV/AIDS.


The organization traced children who ran away to Kampala, Uganda’s capital, during the war and found themselves on the streets. Those whose relatives are still alive were reunited with their families but still supported with scholastic materials, clothing and medical support and canceling.

While in the process of putting up our permanent infrastructures in one place for the children, We are as well working closely with already established orphanages bringing most of the kids we get from the streets plus those who have parents but not well taken care of, we support them in any way that we can with food and other materials.

Once the rest of our housing and education permanent infrastructures are complete, we’ll be able to bring the rest of the children from the streets, give them a home and provide them with an education – so that they can grow to be useful citizens of the country.


-      Some children at the orphanages are HIV positive. We do everything we can to save their lives. We brought them medication and made sure they got proper treatment.

-       A campaign we run helps pregnant women, who are HIV positive, give birth to HIV-free children who are free from HIV. We plan to make this campaign a national one in the near future.

-       In order to slow down the spread of HIV, we have provided free HIV tests and free condoms. In addition, we’ve promoted sexual abstinence until marriage.

-       MCSF is running a national campaign to raise breast cancer awareness. We teach women what they can do to reduce the chance of getting breast cancer, as well as the importance of early detection you can follow our breast cancer awareness campaign via Facebook.

-       The organization has provided free immunization for children in all the areas we have reached so-far. In addition, we teach parents how to improve their children’s nutrition and how to prevent malnutrition.

-       Sanitation conditions are in rural areas and city suburbs we are reaching  are not good. MCSF has held workshops in order to teach people how to limit diseases by keeping these areas clean.


-       While we have not encountered much domestic violence in the region, we know it exists. Therefore, we have worked with men about controlling their temper and staying calm despite adversity. However a lot is being done to promote education of people in the areas we are reaching.



In the aftermath of a 20-year civil war, known as the Joseph Kony War, thousands of children were left orphans and homeless in northern Uganda. Many of them ran away to the country’s capital city, Uganda, to look for shelter and jobs. Some of them only 5 years old, they ended up exploited financially and sexually. MCSF Projects, actively searches for them, aiming to reunite them with surviving family members and providing them with safety, health services and education.

People always make promises “and they never keep their word”, says Andrew, a 20 year old man who was rescued from the streets by MCSF Projects. But this time, he met someone who meant what he said – an MCSF representative. “MCSF provided me with accommodation, and I was also able to go back to school”, he says.


“I lost both my parents during the war in northern Uganda”, shares Andrew, who was 6 years old at the time. He and his 9 year old older brother were taken to a refugee camp, yet the camp was raided one night by rebels, and the refugees had to run away once again. It was the last time he saw his brother, and to this day, he doesn’t know whether his brother survived. Left alone in the world, Andrew says, “I always pray and hope that I can see him one day if he is still out there”.

Andrew got on a truck to Kampala with other children from his region. Once there, the kids begged residents for money and slept on the streets. They started working a few jobs to be able to afford food, and focused on survival. “I never thought there was any good future ahead for me”, Andrew remembers.


One of the jobs the kids took was washing cars. Surprisingly, one of their customers started asking them about their lives and background, then asked to meet them the following day. Andrew’s friends didn’t believe this stranger could be their way out. Too many promises had been broken before. Yet Andrew waited, and the man – an MCSF representative – showed up as scheduled.

The man told Andrew about the homes, hospital and schools MCSF Projects is building. He encouraged Andrew to come to the organization’s offices, and Andrew followed his advice.


Andrew is currently in his third & last year at college, sponsored by MCSF Projects. “I’ll be graduating soon as a professional in housing and construction”, he’s proud to share, something he never envision possible. It “is indeed a dream come true, something I never thought of achieving without both my parents alive”, Andrew stretches.

Gaining more than professional skills, Andrew learned that, “in life, it’s worth taking a risk helping another human being”. He appreciates the way MCSF Projects helped him transform his life so much, that he now wants to help “those in need whenever I have a chance to do so”.

He’s looking forward to finding a good-paying job after graduation, and credits MCSF Projects for his newfound hope. Once a boy facing an uncertain future on the streets, “I now look forward to each and every new day with greater hope”, he says.

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