Make a Difference


“What is now proved was once only imagined”.

                                                      – William Blake

Whether you’re a government representative, a CEO of a major corporation or just another global citizen, you can make a difference.

What We Need to Re-Create Reality

Some of our most urgent needs are:

–       Materials and equipment for construction

–       Medical and other equipment’s for the health center

–       Education materials for the schools

Every single dollar you can share can make a difference.

Whatever you donate will go toward our projects, for the sake of the villages we are reaching to make a difference and turning dreams into reality.

Can’t afford to make a donation? Come, meet us in person and help us turn dreams into reality for the people in the areas we are reaching.

For example, you can build with us – build homes, build schools, build the medical center that will save people’s lives.

Alternatively, teach our kids how to read, teach our adults new skills to help them create income, help the kids that head households with house choirs – so that they can go to school and be kids, even for a little while.



Therefore, we’ve gathered locally-hand made products as seen below, and we are offering them to you as a free gift to show our appreciation. They include Purses, jewelry, clothes, and artwork – we want to share our people’s creation with you. We see these creations as reminders of hope.

Donate $100 or more, and you can select any one item of your choice.


Please e-mail us at with your postal address and your item of choice, we’ll send it over to any country /location shipping free.

Thank you for partnering with us.   


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